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Start Here! -a couple of brief videos to give you an overview of the stuff discussed here and how to use.

Briefly… -a bunch of videos that cover key spiritual/metaphysical topics in 2 minutes or less.

Spirituality -a host of videos on spiritual topics such as New Thought, law of attraction, love, spirit, etc.

Spiritual Practices -videos that include some recommendations on practices you can use as well as a number of affirmative prayers.

Integral & Psychology -videos on topics such as Ken Wilber and Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Maslow, self-help tips and more…

Life Commentary -videos on a wide range of topics….politics, modern life, culture and more….

Book and Film Reviews -again, exactly what it says!

Longer Presentations -a few videos of public talks and presentations that go into a bit more detail and are a bit longer!