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We are all trying to make sense of the world…to answer questions as to why we are here, where we came from, where we are going…..and to create a roadmap to guide our lives.

Mark Gilbert has been doing that very thing consciously for over 25 years….and along the way has worked to gather up some of the best of the world’s wisdom and link it together to make sense of our existence.  Now, he is sharing what he has learned in a series of short video lessons.

Suggested Viewing Sequence 

We suggest that you start by clicking on the link that says “Begin Here! below.  Watch the videos on that page which provide an overview to consideration of our spiritual quest and how these videos can be used….as well as an overview to the spiritual evolutionary path which underlies all of the videos.

After those  videos, you can go wherever your interest takes you. At the bottom of the Video Support Resources page is a list of video categories that include links to the various YouTube subject playlists……Integral & Psychology, Spirituality, Spiritual Practices, etc… on the category that interests you.  

Materials for Self Study or Classrooms

Many of the videos are supplemented by some “Contemplation/Discussion Questions” for use by individuals for personal development or for class/small group use or some suggested books and video resources.  Where these are available, they are listed in either the description of the video or a comment under it on YouTube.  

If you have suggestions for other resources to be listed, please email me.

Begin Here!

These videos will give you an overview of the spiritual evolutionary philosophy that lies under all the videos.

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