Psychology & Self Help

Videos here are on a variety of psychological and self help topics.  They are designed to give you basic info or look at some concept in a new and different way.  Although they can be viewed in any order, probably the best one to start with is this one which gives you a review of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which is frequently referenced.

Be sure to check out the additional resources and discussion questions further down on the page.

Suggested Supplemental Resources 


Be Yourself Evolving the World Through Personal Empowerment by Mark Gilbert


Online Resources:

Official Maslow website

Discussion/Contemplation Questions


Questions on Maslow’s Hierarchy

1. On Maslow’s pyramid, where do you think that you are currently focused on needs that need to be fulfilled?

2.  What are you currently doing to meet those needs?

3.  Have you ever focused on the higher “being” needs?  How was it different from the lower needs?

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