Personal & Spiritual Practices

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Discussion/Contemplation Questions

Questions for “Why Meditate?”

1.   Which of the reasons to meditate listed in the video were the most compelling to you?  Why?

2.  Have you meditated previously or are you meditating now?  Why did you start? What method did you use/or are you using?  If you have stopped meditating, why?

3.  If you have meditated previous, what has been your experience?

4.  If you are not currently meditating every day, what steps are you contemplating doing to buid into a daily practice?

Questions for “What is Affirmative Prayer?”

1.  Describe the 5 steps of an affirmative prayer in your own words.

2.  Why would you think the “realization” type of affirmative prayer is harder to do than the “argumentative” type?

3.  What is the difference between an affirmative prayer and the types of prayers we most commonly think ok?

4.  Think of a topic for which you would like to create an affirmative prayer.  Write out one and read through it.  How did you feel about it?  If appropriate, make changes to it to invoke more emotion.  Share it with one other person and discuss it.  Practice your prayer for a few days and revamp it as necessary.

Questions on Affirmations/Visualizations

1.  List 3 to 5 areas of your life where you experience gaps between what you desire and your current experience.  Share with others if in group.

2.  Review the recommendations for writing affirmations from the video and write out an affirmation for each of the areas you listed in question 1.  The affirmation should be stated as if you are already experiencing what it is that you wish to experience.  Share with others if in a group.

3.  Over the next week, read your affirmations a few times each day.  After a week, consider what if anything you experienced in the desired area.

4.  For one area in your life that you would like to see something different, take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize what it would be like and feel like to live with your desired condition.

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