New Thought Spirituality

This video on the Science of Mind is a good one to begin this section.  It provides an overview to this New Thought philosophy and its concepts are used in the other videos here.

Be sure to check out the additional resources and discussion questions further down on the page.

Discussion/Contemplation Questions


1.  What philosophies have you “bumped into” during your life that have had a major impact on how you see life and the world?  How?

2.  Would you consider yourself religious, agnostic, atheist or spiritual?  Why?

3.  What parts of the description of the Science of Mind resonated with you?  Which parts were difficult for you to accept?

4.  Do you have any spiritual practices that you do in your life now?  Describe.

5.  How did you define God before watching these videos?

6.  How do you define the world God now?

7.  Has your method of interacting with God changed through your life?  If so, how?

8. Did you idea of the word love shift any from viewing the video “What is Love?”?  If so, how?

9.  How do you see that the power of love has served to connect you with others?

10.  What is the difference between an affirmative prayer and the types of prayers we most commonly think ok?

11.  Think of a topic for which you would like to create an affirmative prayer.  Write out one and read through it.  How did you feel about it?  If appropriate, make changes to it to invoke more emotion.  Share it with one other person and discuss it.  Practice your prayer for a few days and revamp it as necessary.

12.  How do you now define what it means to be spiritual?

13.  Who do you consider your spiritual teacher?  What are some of the things you have learned from this teacher?

14. Have you been a self directed spiritual learner?  What are some of the most beneficial resources you have found to help you on your journey?

15.  Have you ever served consciously as a spiritual teacher for others?  What did you learn from that experience?

16.  Who around you right now looks to you as their teacher?  How can you be a better teacher to them?  

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