Integral & Spiral Dynamics

Here you will find videos pertaining to Integral Theory, Ken Wilber’s AQAL model and Spiral Dynamics.  A good intro video is this one on worldviews….but then follow it with either “What is Spiral Dynamics?” or “What is Integral Theory?”

 Be sure to check out the additional resources and discussion questions further down on the page.

Suggested Supplemental Resources 


 Be Yourself Evolving the World Through Personal Empowerment by Mark Gilbert

 Spiral Dynamics



Online Resources

 Spiral Dynamics Integral website

Spiral Dynamics and the Science of Mind (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)


Discussion/Contemplation Questions

1.  What is your experience in seeing the 3 major modern worldviews described in the video?  Did you recognize other people?

2.  Of the major worldviews described, where would you say you are?

3.  Which of the other worldviews do you have the most issues with when you interact with people at that level?

3.  How do you think that you can use Spiral Dynamics  in your interactions in the world?

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