Mark Gilbert is a long time spiritual seeker and student of life’s wisdom. He grew up in the southern part of the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, asking questions about the way things were….challenging the status quo.

He earned a Bachelors in Science degree in Psychology, Education and Sociology from UAB in 1974 which led to teaching in an inner city school in Birmingham, Alabama….serving as a social worker…then embarking on a 33 year career with the Federal government.  Along the way, he relocated to the Denver, Colorado area where he has lived since 1983.

His final 20 years of Federal service were with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)  where he became known as a voice and innovator for customer service changes within the Medicare program.  He was very involved with such projects as the institution of the annual mailing of the Medicare & You handbook, the creation of a national 1-800 number customer service line and the growth of the state health insurance volunteer counseling program (SHIP) . For many years he was the prime spokesperson for the program’s PR in 10 western states, playing a key role in the roll out of the Medicare Part D program.  During his tenure, he became a member of the Senior Executive Service within the government as well as a senior fellow of the prestigious Council on Excellence in Government program. Mark was serving as the Regional Administrator leading CMS’s Denver regional office when he left Federal service to pursue more closely his spiritual interests in 2009.

In the mid-1990s, Mark began pursuing a course of studies in the New Thought philosophy of Science of Mind.  In 2003, he became licensed as a spiritual counselor  with the organization now known as Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL).  In 2007, he received a Masters in Consciousness Studies degree from the Holmes Institute as well as becoming a licensed minister with CSL.  That year he began serving as assistant minister at the New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living in Aurora, Colorado. 

At New Dawn, Mark furthered his interest in men’s spiritual work by helping to launch their men’s group. He had previously played a role in the men’s group leadership at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado.  Men’s work has continued to be a passion as he has been a frequent facilitator of men’s groups and retreats for over 10 years.

In 2008, Mark was certified as an instructor in the area of Spiral Dynamics, having trained with Don Beck.  Mark started teaching Spiral Dynamics in addition to New Thought philosophy and wrote an article on the topic for Science of Mind magazine.  That began a long period of being a frequent contributor to the magazine.

In 2010 shortly after becoming ordained, Mark left New Dawn and began serving the international headquarters of CSL as the manager of their licensing department.  During his tenure there, he played a key role in the integration of the two previous organizations who taught the Science of Mind leading to their merger into CSL.

While serving CSL’s home office, Mark furthered his career as a spiritual writer.  He had launched the website Conscious Bridge in January 2010 where he began blogging…the website continuing to serve as an outlet for his writings to this day.  In 2012, he published his first book, Be Yourself – Evolving the World through Personal Empowerment.  In 2014, he followed with the publication of 3 short books: (1) Our Spiritual Evolution – Transcending the Third Dimension; (2) Our Spiritual Rights and Responsibilities; and (3) Becoming a Spiritual Change Agent.

Mark left his full time role and demanding role as licensing manager with CSL to embark touring and teaching on the spiritual matters in his books.  His travels led him to teaching throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Mexico and Europe.  Along the way, Mark returned to service with CSL in a part time position which he created as their Global Services Coordinator.  In that role, he has been instrumental in their growth around the world and in the translation and publication of many of the works of mystic philosopher Ernest Holmes into other languages.

Through all of this, Mark has become trained in Integral Theory (which he also teaches) and began serving the Coffee Party USA (encouraging civil political dialogue) for a period of time.  He served on their board for 2 years and hosted an online radio show for a year.

As of 2019, Mark continues to write Conscious Bridge and to serve Centers for Spiritual Living part-time.  After a hiatus from teaching, Mark has recently returned by launching this website (, the spiritually based video training series listed here (and on YouTube) and has returned to serving as a personal mentor and coach.  Mark is a frequent guest speaker at spiritual centers and has begun hosting an online training class on a periodic basis.

Mark lives in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife, Mary.  HIs beloved chocolate lab Harmony passed away in May 2017.  In October 2017, a new chocolate lab, Penny entered their life.  In April 2018, Mark’s 96 year old father relocated from Alabama to live with them.  Mary’s mother in her 80s has also recently begun to live with them part time. Mark has 5 grown children and 5 grandchildren.