Basics -- Begin Here!

This is a great place to begin.  In this video, Mark describes what he calls our spiritual quest.  See if you relate to being on one yourself….in addition, he outlines how to use the videos on this website as a form of self paced independent spiritual study….although they are perfect for supplementing any classroom discussion.

This second introductory video provides a great outline of the spiritual evolutionary journey on which we are on.  The concepts covered here are essential for a good foundation for many of the other videos.

Where to next?  Consider going to the “Integral & Spiral Dynamics” page to view the video on worldviews and on Spiral Dynamics….or to the “New Thought Spirituality” page to view the overview to the Science of Mind….or simply follow your interests…..

After viewing the videos above, feel free to explore my YouTube channel for the many many other videos available….see the link below.  In addition, click on the menu above for “Video Support Resources” to see other material that you can use with the videos….discussion questions and more….to use them for personal study or with a class.

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